No Time to Listen? to RADIO Bingo UK... No Problem...

No Time to listen all day to RADIO Bingo UK but don't want to miss out on winning your prize... Well thats no problem RADIO Bingo UK will check your tickets for you. There is no need to claim either... Take out the very resonably priced subscription of the Checker 5 or Checker 10 and we will check your tickets and notify you when you win. 

Not only that you will get a lot of exra tickets giving you 5 x the chance of winning with the Checker 10 service. 

The big bonus however with the Checker 10 Service that in the event of there being more than one winner, which does happen occasionally if you have a Checker 10 Subscription you will automatically be the winner. If there are two or more winners per game with Checker 10 subscriptions the prize will be shared. (see T&Cs for more detail)

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